Bohemian Hair | Cody Jefferies
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Cody Jefferies

Cody Jefferies



Experience and Education:

I have been a hairdresser for the past 7 years of my life. I attended the cosmetology program at

Wharton County Junior College in Wharton, Texas. I also attended Western Beauty Institute in Los

Angeles, California. Since obtaining my license, I make it a point to take in as much education as I can

get my hands on, whether it is asking my co-workers to show me different cutting and colouring

techniques, watching videos, or attending classes. I really enjoy taking classes in New York. The already

inspiring classes become even more so just being in Manhattan.


Education Goals:

My education goals are to constantly be up to date for my clients. I don’t ever want to have my clients

feel bored with my range of skills. Living in a small town can make it hard for people to step out of their

style boxes of comfort, but when they are ready, I want to be prepared to give them exactly what they

are looking for.


Personal Goals:

My personal goals are to live my life to the fullest every day. I don’t ever want to look back on my life

and regret not taking a chance when I had it. At this moment, I am focusing on traveling more, becoming

fluent in French, and taking more chances.



I have a very OCD personality, so obsessions are pretty common-place for me. Some of my current

obsessions are anything related to 18th century France, Learning to play the cello, cooking, costume

construction, and the Opera.


The biggest challenge I deal with as a hairstylist is helping clients break out of their comfort zones. Living

in a small town, the trends take a little while longer to actually catch on.


Hair Crushes:

I have a few hair crushes that guide me in the way I do hair. I love just about anything that Gwen

Stefani and Dita Von Teese have done to their hair. Gwen, I obviously love the colour. True platinum is

stunning and can make a client feel like a living pinup. Gwen’s style shows so much about versatility.

Sometimes it is a modern take on vintage styling, sometimes crazy, edgy and inspired by Japanese

underground style, but it is also a perfect example of a no fuss, shoulder length bob. Dita Von Teese is

my other hair crush for a different reason. Her hair is homage to the styles of yesteryear. Her hair

represents the way we once lived. A time when women, no matter if just running to the market or going

to a black tie event, cared about how they presented themselves publicly.


Pastimes and Passions:

I have a few pastimes and passions that I enjoy. I love to play around with photography. I am by no

means a professional, but it is an amazing feeling to be able to make the images I see in my imagination

a tangible piece of art. I also love to read and be a bum around my house watching movies and enjoying

hot tea.


Personal Style:

My personal style is influenced by many things. I really love vintage style, although it is a bit harder to

emulate in men’s fashion, it is always something I keep in mind, especially when dressing up. My style at

the salon is more about function. I need the freedom of movement to really be able to work with the

hair. In my free time, I feel a little bit more inclined to experiment. Plus, I always seem to get colour and

bleach on me during the day, so no use in ruining my favorite pieces.


Hair I love to do:

I really love to do styles that are ultra-feminine. I want my clients to feel beautiful when they get out of

my chair. My soft spot is for blondes. I love a good creamy pale blonde. I also have a soft spot for red

heads. A gorgeous fiery red can make any woman feel like a show stopper. Ok, let’s be honest, I have a

soft spot for raven locks as well. The dark hair just looks so shiny and healthy. I just love to do all types

of hair. My signature is volume and movement. With my addiction to hairspray and back-combing, I’m

beginning to think I should have been a functioning hairdresser in the 1960’s.