Bohemian Hair | Angelica Analiz
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Angelica Analis

Junior Stylist


Experience and Education:

Finished beauty school and immediately started assisting and training with Cody. Now I work with him at Bohemian Hair, TriCoast and with weddings.


Education Goals:

My goal is to take any and every class for color and makeup possible.



I’ve always believed I was born in the wrong decade, I’m all about “I Love Lucy”, The Beatles, Elvis and Johnny Cash.



A personal challenge for myself is to finish at least one book a week. Between having a 4 year old at home and being at the salon, I need to make a little “me” time.


Pastimes and Passions:

I was the kindergartner that would get in trouble for stealing and wearing my Momma’s makeup to school. Makeup has always been a love of mine and in beauty school I found a love for hair color. I love to read, any and every chance I get I’m reading. And of course I love to spend time with my Zachy.


Personal Style:

Marilyn Monroe of course, but seeing as I’ll never be a blonde, I love the edgy look of Katy Perry and the simpleness of Emma Stone.


Hair I love to do:

I’m all about fun, bold colors, but I believe there is a balance to it. I wouldn’t want anyone walking around looking like a clown.